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The places we perform our work are more important than ever. These functional spaces need to help us collaborate better, learn better, experiment better and execute better. At Kaleidoscope, our goal is to increase the effectiveness of your team by designing workspaces that are comfortable, spark creativity, encourage focus and offer flexibility.

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Research has shown that people have varying needs in the workplace: the desire for social interaction with others, as well as  a need for autonomy and quiet. Allocating distinct individual office space and separated collaborative settings within an office plan is the solution to maintaining productivity among a diverse employee population. To this end, we strive to design inspiring places to interact, discuss, and innovate productively, as well as private areas for people to think, create and focus.

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Budget Analysis

We collaborate with you to create a workplace design that meets your requirements while staying within your allocated resources. We excel at creative solutions that make the most of your design budget.

Design & Function

Because your office space fulfills multiple purposes, we work closely with your team to make sure that our workspace plan and furnishings match your design aesthetic and your functional requirements.


Move Consulting

We know that moving an office is an enormous undertaking. Our mission is take the troublesome details off your plate, minimizing disruption so that your team can seamlessly continue its work.

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How to Design an Effective Workplace

Smart companies understand that workspaces are a business tool. Your workplace environment reflects and reinforces your business’s core values through the placement of different teams, using functionality and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and values....

Is Millennial Office Design a Thing?

Yes, it is! And to understand exactly what Millennial design looks like, we need to first understand the characteristics and motivations of the Millennial generation.
They are the first generation to have grown up with the internet as a part of their lives from birth – Millennials have never known a world without mobile phones and the ability to access information instantly at any time of the day or night.

workspace design

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